About Me


Didn’t see you there sorry, hi I’m Ellie short for smileyelliexox, I’m a 12 year old, born the 30th April 2004, I’m in  yr7 and I have made tons of friends.

I have a youtube channel called smileyellixox fell free to check it out more the merrier, I like to post videos with a various topic such as beauty favourites q&as challenges and loads more subscribe to find out.

I live in Felixstowe with my mum, claire my dad, Simon, my brother, Charlie and my two pets,

19 month old dog , buddy and a 10 year old cat, poppy.

I’m obsessed with New York the colour baby blue/teal or to do with youtube.

I love

  • drama
  • english
  • art and
  • sometimes pe


please come follow and check out my youtube too

love you all

ellie xx



I have included some pictures of my choice to share with you all




6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Alex says:

    Well said there Ellie I’m wow but somewhere on your diary that I don’t like how your getting bullied and thats not on you tell someone now and immediately cause if they keep on doing this they will pay goe hurting you like this everyone is a person and they should respect one another nicely. We have something in common I love French and Athletics’s see you around smileyelliexox x


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